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  • 25. October 2023

    New Dedicated Server EX130 cuts through modern workloads

    Hetzner has strengthened its server selection with the strapping Dedicated Server EX130, which comes in two versions. At the core of both configurations is the new Intel® Xeon® Gold 5412U 24-core processor, which is part of the 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor family. Its two dozen cores and their 48 threads can press through intense and growing workloads, including AI, analytics, and high-performance computing. Hyper-Threading Technology adds to the overall strong performance, and its Intel® Virtualization Technology will make the heavy lifting needed for virtualization a piece of cake.

    The EX130-R, with its base configuration of 2 x 1.92 TB Datacenter Edition NVMe SSDs and 256 GB of DDR5 ECC reg. RAM, is speedy and resilient. It has both high processing power and lightning-fast data memory speeds. The EX130-S, with its 2 x 3.84 TB Datacenter Edition NVMe SSDs and 128 GB DDR5 ECC reg. RAM is stacked, and can manage surges in storage requirements, such as with big data analytics.

    Even though these contenders are muscle-y, they’re flexible, too. Users can choose to up the DDR5 ECC reg. RAM in blocks, up to 512 GB of it. And configurations can bulk up on storage, too. Users can add up to 6 additional Datacenter Edition NVMe SSDs or 2 additional SATA Enterprise HDDs of various sizes.

    The server, which is available in both Helsinki, Finland and Falkenstein, Germany, comes with an IPv4 address and starts at € 134.00 plus a one-time setup fee of just € 79.00.

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